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My second guest blog post with the Girl Guides of Canada. Please let me know your thoughts!


I’ve been a Brownie leader for nearly 10 years, and for almost every one of those 10 years, I have been “blessed” with many craft supplies. Although I’ve kept many (fewer recently), that doesn’t make me a “hoarder” – a term that has become rather mainstream lately. With TV shows like “Hoarders” and “Hoarding: Buried Alive”, people will often describe their home (or, more often than not, a friend’s or family member’s), trying to determine if they fall into this category.

I strongly believe that my grandmother was a hoarder (she was never diagnosed), and although my family saw some of the warning signs, we didn’t realize the magnitude of the situation until she had to move to a retirement facility. It was then that we realized that she likely hadn’t slept in her own bed for a couple of years. It was very difficult to come to this realization…

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Use It or Lose It

This topic may seem similar, as I posted on something along these lines last year (You’ve Got It, So Use It), but who doesn’t like a little reminder now and then?

First, let me confess. I have a “collection” of those little floss containers you get from the dentist at your check ups. And by “collection” I mean 10. Seriously. Here’s the evidence:

It’s not that I don’t floss, I just don’t do it as often as I should. I’ve tried to remedy this by flossing on days with a “U” in them (Tuesday, Thursday and either Saturday or Sunday), so that if I don’t do it everyday, at least I’m flossing every week. Why? Because my husband told me that the plaque that’s on your teeth, and in your gums, can travel through your blood system, and build up in there. YIKES! That was enough to get me flossing more regularly…

Anyway, my point it this: I need to use this up before I purchase any more. And, if I’m not going to use it, then I can’t have it cluttering up my space. If you’ve ever seen our bathroom, you’d understand. But it’s not the size that matters, but the fact that anytime you want to get around it, you have to shuffle it around. And for what? If you’ll never use it, so why not let someone else be “blessed” by it?

Lastly, if you have so much of it that even if you used “it” at every opportunity, you still wouldn’t make a solid dent in it, perhaps you should split “it” and pass some of it on. Don’t let it bog you down just because you think you’ll use it “someday”.

What do you have an overload of? Will you ever use it? Please excuse me while I get to flossing 😀

P.S. While I haven’t completely depleted my body wash (please refer to above mentioned post), I’m getting near the end. Imagine that… But I haven’t bought anymore all this time! Saving space AND money!

This is a fantastic post that delves into the psychology and thought process behind sorting through and purging items. The term “hoarding” has been widely cast lately, and I believe it needs to be refined for the public. More on this in the near future…

morning grunge

I’ve often wondered if I was a hoarder. I have quite a few boxes I’m hanging onto upstairs that I know I could throw away and would never miss. I mean, do you ever really go back and re-read all your class notes from graduate school? Couldn’t I just find everything I ever need online today anyways?

Last summer, I spent a month at my parent’s house. I stayed in my old room where the walls are still painted to my seventh grade desires: two walls teal, two walls purple. Minus the nostalgia, I often think it’s time to hit it with some Behr’s Cosmic Dust. But it’s not my house. However, sitting in the window seat of my old room, under a few signs of rodent life, were boxes of all my memories. Every.Single.One. Boxes, upon boxes, of papers and pictures and journals and memories. You know, the…

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