Sort It ~ Professional Organizing for the Toronto Area

About Sort It

Liz Voce is a Professional Organizer sorting the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. She hopes to encourage those who have been overcome with clutter, and to climb triumphantly from underneath it all. With a background of teaching and psychology, Liz approaches clients with compassion and humour. It’s not easy to let someone into your home, especially when it’s to help organize, and she recognizes this. She is also taking courses to expand her education about the chronically disorganized.

Liz loves the outdoors, and loves camping with her husband, Jaret. She is actively involved with the Girl Guides of Canada as a Brownie leader, and is also a part-time Youth Pastor, with her husband, with the Junior High and High School groups at her church. She also has an affinity for anything mint. Yum.

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