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What Is A Professional Organizer?!?

Yes, there is such a thing as a Professional Organizer. No, we don’t work exclusively with hoarders.

There, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, what is a Professional Organizer? I probably should have written this one a year ago, but a meeting with a fantastic real estate agent (Albert Yu in the Toronto area, give him a shout) made me realize that I need to incorporate this somehow, and at least it’s better late then never.

A Professional Organizer is someone who has a knack for putting things into an appropriate place, and making it easier to find when needed. We set up systems in your home or office place to make your life easier. Sometimes this requires paring down, in order to make more space. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of rejigging the area you have in order to make it flow better. There are many different types of Professional Organizers as well: Residential organizers, small office organizers, corporate organizers, photo organizers, senior move organizers, garage organizers, and those who specialize in chronic disorganization and ADHD, to name a few. Many organizers cater to a mix of clients and specialties.

You may need an organizer. There, I said it. Sometimes, I need one, too! Here are some of the types of people I work with:

Busy Bee ~ Incredibly busy and high energy. Their commitments keep them going, but also hold them back from taking time to maintain the home. (I’ll admit, sometimes I fall into this category.) An organizer would come in and help set up systems to make maintenance as simple and stress free as possible. Also, setting aside a specific appointment to get organized will ensure it gets done.

Overwhelmed ~ Having various priorities has made making decisions too difficult – until now. Sometimes you’ve got too much on your plate (a sick parent, a troubled teen, etc.), which makes keeping up the home too much of a chore. However, those issues will pass, and when the smoke clears, you’ll look around to find a home with a lot of stuff. An organizer can help you to make those decisions you once found quite tough. A sensitive ear can work wonders when trying to decide what’s important, and what isn’t – which changes with time, too. It’s time to take back your home, and your life.

Relocation ~ You’re moving! But the last thing you want to do is take all that extra stuff with you. Don’t pay the movers for their time if you’re simply going to toss it on the back end. As you pack, go through your items and donate (or toss) that which you no longer want or need. Some organizers help with the packing and unpacking process as well, which can be a huge stress reliever.

Hoarder ~ There are many different types of hoarders. Essentially, it’s the inability (or severe difficulty) with letting go of object with little or no value, and extensive acquiring of such items. If a room is no longer able to be used for its intended purpose (can’t sleep on the bed, can’t cook in the kitchen, etc.), this is a pretty good indication. Organizers, in conjunction with mental health professionals, are able to help go through the items, although this is a longer process than the above situations.

Please note that I am not writing this as a promo piece. Whenever I meet new people, and tell them my profession, they always ask, “and what do you do?” So, I hope that this helps to shed some light on this new (not actually that new, maybe about 20 years or so) up and coming field.

Have you had any experience with a Professional Organizer? Have you seen any on TV or in the media?

Want to learn more? Check out the Professional Organizers in Canada, the National Association of Professional Organizers or the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.


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  1. Heck, honey, I know what they are. I just wish you didn’t live in Canada, because I would hire you in a minute!

    Things are getting better, but I could still use a voice of reason to help me let go of stuff. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 6 years ago
    • You are too sweet!!! I’ll just keep encouraging you through your blog 🙂 How’d the studio go today?

      | Reply Posted 6 years ago
      • Got it to a point I could consider done and usable. I could let people see it. Now I need to decide what crafts to actually DO. 😉

        Posted 6 years ago
      • Once you decide, you can let the “extras” go to make more space 🙂

        Posted 6 years ago
  2. * marijke54 says:

    Great post. It’s good to read about the various types of organizers. A few things to note when working with an organizer, the most difficult part is admitting that you need help. A lot of us could use some help organizing some areas of our lives. An organizer is the voice of reason and does not use guilt as a motivator. You already feel bad enough that your stuff has gotten out of control. Sometimes you just get tired of opening the door to the dumping ground room and realize that having “company” while you clean up is more fun than doing it on your own. Liz you are an awesome organizer, I really enjoy working with you to clear out my stuff.

    | Reply Posted 6 years ago
  3. My dream job.

    | Reply Posted 6 years ago
    • What do you like about the idea of being an organizer?

      | Reply Posted 6 years ago
  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words. I’ve often thought of organizing for other people. What a great job and how fun to do something you really enjoy AND bring joy to others! Be blessed, EA

    | Reply Posted 6 years ago
  5. * Marie Quak says:

    Too true! I am a professional organiser in Australia (Canadian-born) and it’s always good to read what’s up in the organising industry in North America. Loving your posts.

    | Reply Posted 6 years ago
    • Thanks Marie! I would love to hear more about how business is in Australia 🙂 I’ve visited before, and loved it! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      | Reply Posted 6 years ago

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