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Sleep Easy

Do you have trouble sleeping? Sometimes our minds are running a mile a minute, and so we have difficulty quieting those little voices in our heads. Other times, our bodies simply aren’t prepared to sleep. Here are a few tips to get a quicker, more restful sleep.

1. Prepare Yourself for Sleep – I read an article a while back (I’m sorry, I don’t recall where), but it said that your body will prepare itself for sleep. Many of us have habits before we go to bed. Typically, you’ll brush your teeth, wash your face, etc. I, personally, drink a glass of water so that it cleanses my system as I sleep. I have had the same bedtime routine (more or less) for the last 15 years. That being said, I don’t have trouble sleeping. As you practice the same routine, your body gets used to it, and it will prepare itself for sleep. Those habits will trigger your body to get into a “sleep mode”. Trust me, it works 🙂

2. Turn Off the TV – Okay, this is not directed at anyone. I know many people have TV’s in their bedroom, and that is a personal choice. However, if you think you need the TV to fall asleep, studies show that it will actually keep you up longer. TV, as mind numbing as some of the television programs are, is actually stimulating. If you need background noise to fall asleep, try a sound machine. They usually come with a variety of background noises like white noise, the ocean, or wind. Also, a radio set to a classic station will provide the same effect.

3. Tidy Up – You had to know that there was an organizing plug in here somewhere, right? The more clutter you have in your bedroom, the more difficult it will be to fall asleep. Your bedroom is meant to be a sanctuary, however it can often take on many other roles – folding station, toy depot, laundry basket, to name a few. However, the more “chaos” you have in your room, the more anxiety you will feel. If you tidy up before you go to bed, you will feel less anxious, and sleep will come more easily to you.

4. Write It Down – Does your mind race at night? Do you feel like you’re mulling over the same thoughts over and over again. Don’t! Write it down. Get it out of your mind and on paper. Let your brain rest. I have been reading a fantastic book on productivity by David Allen called Ready For Anything. The one thing that keeps coming up is to write things down. As long as you’re keeping everything in your noggin, you’re preventing new ideas, and solutions, from being thought through. So, write it down. You may find the solution to your problem. At the very least, you’ll be able to approach your dilemmas with a fresh mind in the morning.

It may take some time for your body to get used to your habits, but I strongly encourage you to give it a try. What have you got to lose?

How do you prepare for sleep? Do you have a specific trick for falling asleep?

My hubby on our honeymoon. He was incredibly excited when he saw the two double beds pushed together. The prospect of not having to share the bed with me (essentially) was fantastic!


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