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This is a fantastic post that delves into the psychology and thought process behind sorting through and purging items. The term “hoarding” has been widely cast lately, and I believe it needs to be refined for the public. More on this in the near future…

morning grunge

I’ve often wondered if I was a hoarder. I have quite a few boxes I’m hanging onto upstairs that I know I could throw away and would never miss. I mean, do you ever really go back and re-read all your class notes from graduate school? Couldn’t I just find everything I ever need online today anyways?

Last summer, I spent a month at my parent’s house. I stayed in my old room where the walls are still painted to my seventh grade desires: two walls teal, two walls purple. Minus the nostalgia, I often think it’s time to hit it with some Behr’s Cosmic Dust. But it’s not my house. However, sitting in the window seat of my old room, under a few signs of rodent life, were boxes of all my memories. Every.Single.One. Boxes, upon boxes, of papers and pictures and journals and memories. You know, the…

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  1. I agree, Liz. Not all memorabilia constitutes hoarding. Hanging on to a few papers (I just found some papers from a class on creating languages last night sorting, and intend to re-file them as “research”) doesn’t make you a hoarder. Hoarding, to me, is an extreme that no sane person wants to reach…but that’s just my opinion. (And I was beginning to fear getting close before I started my ongoing project…)

    | Reply Posted 6 years ago
  2. Thanks Adrienne 🙂 Hoarding has 3 main characteristics: 1. Can’t throw out items of little or no value (old tissue box, empty soda can, etc.). 2. Not able to use a room for it’s intended purpose (can’t cook in the kitchen, unable to access the bed in the bedroom…). 3. The hoard is causing distress (either to the hoarder or others). Hope that clarifies things! 🙂 And I think you’re doing a pretty good job, too 🙂

    | Reply Posted 6 years ago

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