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Lighten Your Load

A few years ago, I was watching Dr. Phil as he was helping people on their weight loss journey. One of the guests (a college student in his early 20’s) had shed a considerable amount of weight (around 150 lbs or so). Although he was elated that he had lost the weight, he was surprised to find that he was now getting better gas mileage in his little hatchback. For every 100 lbs you lug around in your vehicle, it reduces your gas efficiency by 2%. Now, you may be thinking that that doesn’t sound like much, but we are currently paying $1.20 per litre here in Toronto (around $4.80 per gallon for my American readers). And that’s lower than it has been recently!

Although most of us would like to shed a couple of pounds (or more), we can reduce the weight in our vehicle simply by assessing the extras we carry around in our trunk and back seat. Although it’s handy to have a couple of “just in case” items (jumper cables, blanket, shovel (if you live in an area that gets snow), emergency kit), you may be surprised by how many non-essentials we schlep around. Also, keep in mind, tools weigh a ton! You probably won’t be using everything in your tool kit, so select a couple “must haves” and leave the rest at home.

You should also consider removing luggage racks and bike racks when not in use. The wind resistance created by these items can reduce your gas efficiency by 5%! If you think it’s too much hassle to take them on and off, just remember that you’ll be paying for that convenience.

Many of us focus on decluttering our homes, without realizing how expensive our cluttered cars can be. So, utilize one of our mild November afternoons and go through your car. Remove what you don’t need to be carrying, and find it a home (either in yours or some place else – thrift store or the garbage). Lighten your load, not your wallet!


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