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Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your House

You’ve heard the term “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”, but I’m beginning to think that our eyes are bigger than our homes!  We tend to buy items without first thinking, “where will they go?” Then, we get them back to our place only to find that it won’t fit. Sigh…

I was reading an article the other day, and I found these 3 stats to be quite startling (full article –

  • It took 25 years for the industry to build its first billion square feet of storage space. The second billion square feet was added in just seven years, from 1998 to 2005, according to the Self Storage Association.
  • The average American home has grown from 1,400 square feet in 1970 to 2,300 square feet today, but the average size of the household has shrunk from 3.1 to 2.5.
  • In 1995, one in 17 American households rented storage space. By 2007, that ratio had increased to one in 10, according to the Self Storage Association.
I know we’re not American (or, at least, I’m not), but I don’t think that these stats would be that far off for us Canucks. We buy things, but we don’t want to let go of anything. But really, that’s unrealistic. If you’re going to buy a new dish set, you must first decide what to do with the old one. I was speaking with someone the other day, and her sister has 6 dish sets. She entertains – a lot – and her food matches her dishes – Culinary Art at its best, I believe. However, if you only host Christmas and Thanksgiving and you have 5 people in your family to invite, perhaps you don’t need the extra 5 sets? Space available can determine whether an item is a need vs. a want. If you have space for it, decide if you want it. If you don’t have space for it, decide if you need it. If you do, you need to let something else go – a want.
So, when we say we don’t have enough money, and we don’t have enough time, could it be that we’re spending our time, earning the money, to fill our houses with stuff we could probably live without? If you don’t have enough money, look around. I’m sure you could let go of a few things, and make a bit of cash at the same time. Then you would have more time to enjoy the things you do have that you bought with your money!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. You can then take some of that excess and donate it to a good cause like the Canadian Diabetes Association or the Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy, which both have collections for used clothing and household goods. Declutter your home and feel good about doing it!

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 4 months ago
    • * sortitcanada says:

      Thank you Jim! I hope to make a list of the different “homes” for various donated goods in an upcoming blog 🙂 Great reminder of our options!

      | Reply Posted 6 years, 4 months ago

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