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Stick To Your Commitment

I had the opportunity to donate blood today. I made an appointment earlier on in the week, because I had made a note that I was eligible to donate again today (every 56 days, in case you’re curious). During the process, I was speaking to one of the nurses who was conducting my prescreening, and she said that 50% of the people who had made appointments showed up today. Half? Really? That’s pretty sad. So, I got to thinking about the possible reasons that people hadn’t shown up – or at least canceled their appointment if they were no longer available.

It was a beautiful day, so perhaps some people opted to stay outside instead. However, I would like to believe that when people commit to something, then they will make an earnest effort to see it through. Especially in this situation, where one would presumably go out of their way in order to make the appointment, and it is something that could potentially save lives. So, I have to assume the obvious – they forgot.

I have a planner, my husband and I have a 4-month wall calendar, and we also use an online calendar for good measure. I use my planner for everything. Every appointment and commitment that I have gets written down. I also use it to keep me on task for projects and to do lists. My husband and I use our online calendar to ensure that we’re both on the same page, just in case he doesn’t hear me when I tell him I’m spending the evening with a friend. Anytime something goes into my planner, it goes into the online calendar. Our wall calendar is used more often for big events, whereas the online calendar is more for day to day activities.

However, personally, I need to have a paper, hard copy planner. I know that with iPhones and Blackberries (sp?) a lot of people are moving to an electronic format, and I completely appreciate that. I just know that personally, I enjoy writing and scribbling and adding personality to my plans that only paper can offer me.

Learn for yourself and experiment to see if you’re an electronic or paper person, and then use it! Consistency is key. Once you’ve set up a system, use it for a few weeks, then tweak it according to your preference. Doing so will make it much easier to stick to your commitments.


What are your thoughts?

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