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You Can Never Have Too Many… Really?!?

I’m fairly certain that this lie has been created, or at the very least perpetuated, by retail outlets. How would you end that sentence? You can never have too many/much ______? One might say chocolate, but anyone who has ever over indulged on the sweet stuff will certainly know that this is not true. A friend of mine, a teacher, had a teenage student walk into her class and proclaim that he had a tub of sour gummy peaches, and that he was going to eat the whole thing, and there was nothing she could do about it. What did she do? She let him eat them. What happened a few minutes after he polished off that tub? A fierce stomach ache (she could have warned him, but would he have listened? *Skeptical Smiley*). Too many gummies? You betcha!

Although many of us overindulge in the food department occasionally (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Superbowl and Grey Cup parties, to name a few), we typically steer clear most of the time. However, what happens when this attitude affects other areas of our lives? I remember watching a TV program that was trying to curb poor spending habits, where the participant had 27 pairs of jeans!

People collect everything from stamps, to cats, to nail polish, but when do you have to say “enough is enough”? One aspect to consider is space. Is your collection encroaching on your living area? If it is impeding the flow and use of your home, considering paring down.

Do you have duplicates? If you have multiples of items, this may be the simplest place to start. Start off by putting like with like, and then you will see if you have a few of the same item.

Do you display it? Is it somewhere everyone can appreciate it? Or is it hidden away, stashed in a box in the basement? If you aren’t proud of your collection, then why are you collecting it? If it is too large to show all at once, then you may want to keep only what can be displayed, and part with the rest.

Do you still enjoy it? Do you like your collection? Or, have you been collecting trolls since you were 8, and you feel that you have outgrown them? If your collection does not bring you joy, don’t let it take up space in your home.

A bonus of depleting your collection is that some collections could be worth a lot of money. Make sure you take the time to realistically value your collection, and try to find a fair buyer. Being realistic is key, though. Having a collection instead of saving for retirement is not a wise decision. Don’t expect your paperclip collection to go for $1,000,000. Antiques Roadshow, here we come!


What are your thoughts?

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