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Keep The Change

One of my biggest pet peeves is scattered loose change. I can’t stand having loose change in various places. I suppose my feelings come from the thought that money is money, no matter how much. So, if I see change strewn all over the place, then I interpret that as the money having little meaning because it has little value – individually.

Last Christmas, I stood kettles for the Salvation Army. I would greet people as they walked by, and wish them a Merry Christmas. One kettle was in a Metro grocery store, right across from a coin counting machine. I was amazed at how much money people had collected! I honestly saw one person with over $1,000!!! In COINS!!! So, for those of you who think that a few pennies here, and a couple of quarters there don’t matter – they do! They add up!

So, please, get a piggy bank, a glass jar, anything, just keep the change in one place.  Place that jar (or coin collecting device) wherever it is that you typically empty your pockets, so that you’re more likely to use it. If you want something where you can look through and pick out specific coins, then opt for a bowl or shallow dish. There are many stylish options available.

There are other reasons for collecting your coins. Loose coinage (especially when it’s on the floor) is dangerous for animals and children. Also, it doesn’t earn interest in the couch. If you’ve got loose change around your home, take an hour and collect it. I’d love to know how much you find 🙂

** Please note that in no way do endorse the coin counting machines. They charge you a ridiculous 11.9% on anything you sort. So, for every $100, you pay them $12. I’d rather roll it myself , thank you. Some banks do have a machine for their customers to use free of charge. Check it out!


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