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Closet Wars

We all have clothes. Some more than others. Some older than others. Some more eclectic than others. But in the end, we all have clothes.

My husband had a rude awakening when we got married. When I brought my belongings over, he was shocked by the number of pairs of shoes I owned (probably about 14, at the time). Now, to be fair, I firmly believe that this is far under the national average for women, and most of my shoes are actually flip flops (if they take up less space, then they count as 1/2, don’t you think?). He, on the other hand, owned 3 pairs at the time (running shoes, older running shoes, and work shoes – I “strongly encouraged” him buy a pair of flip flops for our honeymoon to Aruba). But even to this day, it’s a point of tension when he goes to our front closet, only to find that I outnumber him 4:1 (I may have gained a couple of flip flops over the years).

Let’s be honest though. We have plenty of clothing (and shoes) that we really never wear. We hold onto that pair of jeans that is too tight, in hopes that one day we’ll shimmy back into them (I am guilty). We have a couple of old t-shirts for doing work around the house (Do you add one or two each year to this category, too? I’ve probably got about 6 now…). Don’t forget those outfit that were “all the rage” when you bought them, but now you wouldn’t dare go out in it.

Cleaning out your closet can help make your morning routine significantly less stressful. If you have less choices, it will (theoretically) take you less time. I suggest you pare down in a two step process. First, take a box, and put anything in it that you know you will never wear again, you do not like (maybe it’s just not your colour), or has gone so far out of style, you can only wear it at a retro party (if you’d like to keep an outfit for just such an occasion, by all means). Then, take that box, put it by the door, and donate it next time you’re in the area of a drop off location.

Second, take all your hangers, and turn them around. Most people have their hangers with the opening of the hook facing towards the wall, so just flip it so that the opening is facing you. For one year, whenever you wear whatever is hanging on that hanger, flip it back so that the opening is facing the wall. In a year, you’ll know what clothes you’ve worn in the last year. Assess the clothes you haven’t touched. Ask yourself: “Why haven’t I worn that?” If you can’t come up with a decent answer, donate those items as well. If you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably won’t miss it.

You, too, can win the Closet Wars battle!


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