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To Keep, Sell, Toss or Donate? That is the Question

When we’re going through the rooms of our home, we encounter items that we need to make decisions about. Should we keep the lego? Should we sell our old bread maker? Do we really need 4 aquariums? Okay, that last one may be more pointed to my household, but I’m sure you ask yourself these types of questions fairly regularly. However, I think that the “should I keep it, or let it go” question is sometimes easier than deciding where it should go to.

I suppose the motivation for this post is based on the pile – nay, mound – of stuff behind me intended for our church garage sale. My husband is a minimalist. He loves to rid our home of items he thinks are cluttering our space. And generally, I tend to agree. But, how do you decide where things should go?

Toss: Throw out anything that is moldy, or no longer meets safety standards. Toss broken items that cannot be used for spare parts. Toss items that have been heavily used, and have had a good run, but are no longer useful. *Please note that when I say “toss” this does include recycling, and disposing of items (i.e. electronics or hazardous waste) in an appropriate manner according to your local waste regulations.

Sell: This is a completely personal choice. Some people enjoy taking time to sell their items, and making some money while they’re at it, while others simply want the sorted stuff out of their home. If you are up for the challenge, hold a garage sale or, for those who are more tech savvy, sell it online. We’ve sold quite a few things on eBay and Kijiji. You can also head over to your local consignment shop (e.g. Once Upon A Child) for a more hassle free experience. Our church is holding a garage sale this month where you can rent a table for $10. That’s a small investment for a potentially large profit. Just remember: the better the stuff you have to sell, the more money you will potentially make.

Donate: There are many organizations out there who are more than happy to accept your gently used items. We frequently donate to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army will accept all clothing, as they will sell stained, ripped fabrics en mass to a fabric recycling plant. Oh! And you know all those pop tabs you have lying around the house that your children said would make a wheelchair? Well, take those over to the March Of Dimes (they sell the tabs as scrap metal and use the money to purchase wheelchairs). Where do you take your donate-ables?

Most of us have a lot of stuff in our homes, and some of it is just collecting dust. Don’t waste your space with stuff you don’t use. Allow other people to be blessed with it!


What are your thoughts?

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