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Let’s De-Stress, Shall We?

Let’s enter our happy place. Light some candles. Put on some relaxing music (I’m a little partial to Michael Bublé, myself). Take some nice, deep breaths. Feel better?

Now, did you have to clear your table, so that you wouldn’t light your house on fire when you lit your candles? Were you able to locate that favourite CD? Or, did you open the case, only to find that it had been moved from its home? Were you able to do this exercise with your eyes open, or did you have to close your eyes to block out the pile of stuff mounting in the corner? Did this exercise cause you more stress, or help you to alleviate it?

The organization of our homes, and lives, has a great impact on our stress levels, and overall health. I won’t get into the physical health benefits of vacuuming, dusting, and overall cleaning regularly – which is far easier in an organized home. However, if you would like a little reminder, I highly recommend watch “How Clean Is Your House?”, hosted by the two hilarious British ladies, Kim and Aggie ~ many clips are available on YouTube. Granted, these are really, really, ridiculously extreme situations, but they are good for a scare, nonetheless. But let’s discuss how getting organized can help you de-stress.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The process of organizing can be a relatively stressful process. Having a skilled Professional Organizer (such as myself) can help keep that stress to a minimum, but in the end, you’re making decisions about things that have often gone by the wayside. You’ll have to seriously look at the items in your home and make those age old decisions: keep, sell/donate, toss. Once you’ve decided what all you’re going to keep, it is imperative to put it somewhere that makes sense, so that you’ll be able to find it again at a later date. If you’re going through things that the whole family uses, it’s important to get their input as well, so that they, too, will be able to relocate those items when needed.

Imagine, asking the kids to get something for you where they don’t require a GPS locator to find it! When your home is organized, things don’t seem to slip through the cracks nearly as often (have you had to ask for multiple permission forms for your child’s field trip because they keep getting “misplaced”?). Also, if everything has a home, it is a much simpler task to keep the home organized. You will feel far more motivated to put things in their designated spots, if they actually have one! Kids will also be more likely to tidy up, as long as it doesn’t require too much effort. If they are younger, don’t make them sort their laundry, simply praise them for putting it in the laundry hamper in the first place. Also, keep a hamper in each child’s room, or, if they have a shower every evening, and undress in the washroom, keep one in there. The fewer the steps required, the more likely they will be to comply (this little trick works for older individuals in the household as well, hint, hint). If everyone is on the same page, that is one less battle to fight.

Although getting organized takes effort, it is well worth it. In the end, you will save time in looking for things, save money by not buying something you already have, and save energy for more fun and exciting things. So, do it: de-stress!


What are your thoughts?

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