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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

When it comes to organizing (or maintaining), do you have certain rooms in your home that you love, yet others that you loathe? I certainly do.

Our kitchen is the simplest to organize, and keep tidy. Generally, it’s a matter of doing the dishes, and putting them away. Sometimes I may have to put away an appliance or two (we are ever using and putting away our blender and toaster), but generally, it’s a very simple, straightforward task. Why? Because everything has it’s own little home. When something is out of place, I know where I will put it so that I can find it again. Our bathroom is another great example. Generally, all it requires is a regular “sprucing up” to stay fresh and clean.

However, there are other rooms/areas in our house that require significantly more time and effort. The living room is our primary culprit. The trouble is, whenever we come home, and we’re carrying papers, or bags, or anything really, it gets dumped into our living room. Because these items are coming from outside our home, and typically do not yet have a home of their own, they get left there, on our coffee table, for an extended period of time. Eventually, one of us (slightly more often, it will be my husband) gets frustrated enough that we go through everything in the living room, and bring it back to its original, tidy state.

You would think that this would solve the problem, but it doesn’t. It simply shifts it. Whatever doesn’t get tossed out, or housed, in the clearing process typically gets moved into my craft room, to be dealt with at a later point in time. I went in there earlier this week (I have taken a hiatus from my crafting due to work commitments), and was surprised at the amount of stuff on my desk. It had become a catch all for the things that we had left to deal later on. Well, later was here, and I cleared out my room. It felt great! But a lot of that mess could have been avoided if we’d simply made decisions about the clutter at the outset.

I would like to encourage you to find a home for your belongings, so that they don’t get misplaced, or thrown out by accident. If you need a small bin that will allow you to deal with something at a later point in time, by all means go ahead. But keep in mind that key word – small. If you notice that your container is getting rather full, go through it. Toss it, or house it. Chances are, if you haven’t gone looking for it in your bin, it may not be as important as you first thought.

Happy Sorting!

P.S. I’ve just launched my new website, Let me know what you think!


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