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Books, Books, and More Books

I’ve just finished reading a book that I got at a garage sale, based on the recommendation of a friend. Unfortunately, I finished the book simply because I wanted to know how it ended, rather than really enjoying the story. I actually got so frustrated with the character and plot line that I wanted to throw the darn thing! However, I felt remotely better about the situation because I had only spent $.50, rather than the listed price of $16.95!

Have you ever felt that way? Purchased a book, at full price no less, simply to find out that it is almost the worst thing you have ever read? A couple of weeks ago, while having my teeth cleaned, my hygienist was telling me that she had become best friends with another woman over books. She said that her friend was spending LOADS of money on books. She suggested to her friend that she use the public library more often, and save big time. Her friend complained that the library has a limited selection, and that they would never have what she wanted to read. My hygienist encouraged her to give it a try. Low and behold, my hygienist was right. Public libraries often allow you to reserve books online, and pick them up at your local branch. If you go ahead and reserve a few books, you’ll usually have a couple of books available to you to choose from.

I will also confess that I borrow a fair number of books from either my mom (Thank You, Mom!), or my friends. I am also happy to lend out any books that I have taken the plunge with, and purchased. If you really like a book, and are keeping it, then you’ll want to share it with others.

When you purchase a book, you feel guilty about giving it away, don’t you? You think to yourself, “I just spent $20 on this, so I might as well keep it”. But, why would you allow books, that you feel no attachment to, to fill up your living space? Of course, we all have books that we absolutely love, and would not want to part with – my Harry Potter collection for one – but we have plenty more that we’ve read once, and probably will never pick up again.

I encourage you to go through your personal library, and purge those books that you’re keeping “just because”. Open up that useful shelf space for something you really treasure, and want to proudly display. Also, think about those people in the thrift store, who happen upon a book that you enjoyed, but that they otherwise would not have been exposed to.

I also warmly encourage you to comment which books you absolutely, positively, will not part with.

Happy Reading! I’m off to browse our public library’s website 🙂


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