Sort It ~ Professional Organizing for the Toronto Area

Financial Matters

Money doesn’t have to be a tough concept, but it does take organization to get your affairs in order.

First of all, it is essential that you have a budget. Look at what you bring in every month, and what your expenses are. If the expenses are greater than what you bring in, you need to reassess what your needs and wants are.

How does this relate to organizing? Keep a record! Keep track of how much you are spending on groceries, clothing, eating out, movies, etc. It is very easy for your money to get away from you if you aren’t carefully watching it. Next, assign yourself a specific amount of money for each category, and stick to it! Also, remember to save for those rainy days.

Have you noticed that tax season is right around the corner? I’m sure you’ve been keeping a neat file of paperwork that you will require, right? Organizing strikes again! Imagine how simple it would be to get those taxes done before the deadline, and get your refund cheque before people have even submitted theirs, if you had your important paperwork organized! Make it easy on yourself, and your accountant, and create a folder as soon as you receive that first piece of paper. As you accumulate more, keep adding to that folder, and you’ll be ready to go when you compile your tax return.

Almost everyone who knows me knows that my husband and I swear by the “Dave Ramsey Plan”. Really, it is a very straightforward approach to good financial management. Don’t believe me? Check out his book “The Total Money Makeover”. It will change your life.



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