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Children: Friend or Foe When it Comes to Organizing?

Children are a blessing. They have boundless enthusiasm and curiosity for the world. Sometimes, however, that little bundle of energy can rip through your home like a tornado, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Can your little ones help when it comes to organizing? Absolutely! Children love to help. They will require age appropriate ways to help, but they can certainly be your little assistants.

Here are a few simple tips for turning your chaotic foe into an organizing friend:

1. Make it simple. Label containers for your children’s toys. For example, have a bin for lego, dollies, cars, etc. Create a label that has both an image or photo of the item, as well as the name. This will help them begin to recognize words while staying tidy. Have a place for everything, so that your child knows where things should go when they are done playing with them.

2. Allow them to help, but don’t expect perfection. Let them help fold the laundry, or sort the clothes, but don’t get frustrated if they don’t do it to your standards. Encourage them to help, even if it means that you have to refold a couple of towels before you put them away.

3. Give them responsibilities. Make a chart of chores you expect them to complete everyday or once a week. For example, they need to make their bed before they go to school, put away their clothes, and keep the floor tidy before they go to bed. Every day that they accomplish each item, give them a sticker. Let them know that on Saturday, if they have x amount of stickers, then they can choose breakfast for the morning, or some other type of treat. Allowances are also a great way to encourage positive behaviours. It is often suggested that you give a child one dollar for each year of their age. So, if they are 5 years old, they will receive $5 each week. (Tune in next week for financial management tips!) Remember: as the child gets older, they are able to handle more responsibilities.

4. Sort through clothes and toys on a regular basis. If clothes don’t fit, decide whether you plan on keeping them for other children (if you are planning on having more, if your little ones can grow into them or if you have friends who may want them), or if you can donate them or sell them to a used clothing store (like Once Upon a Child). Think along the same lines for toys. If a toy is broken, or clothing is stained, perhaps it’s time to let them go. Let your child help with this process. Encouraging your child to donate old toys and clothes helps them think of other people, all while decluttering their living space.

It will be an adventure, but it will be fun! Let me know your experience 🙂


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