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Quick and Easy Tips and Tricks to Staying Organized

Here are a few easy, straight-forward tips for getting and staying organized:

1. When you do a load of laundry, dump the clean clothes on your bed. That way, you have to take 10 minutes to sort and fold them before you are able to get into bed. Sneak in that last bit of organizing before hitting the hay.

2. Do your dishes every night (when you need to wash them by hand). Easier said then done, I know, but it makes a huge difference. It’s much easier to wash dishes from one (or two) meals, then a week’s worth of stuck on food.

3. Make a list of things you want to get done. You’ll get more satisfaction from checking those items off then you realize 🙂

4. Have an ongoing box of items to give away to a thrift store. When the box is full, take a trip to your local store. Be a blessing to others, while unburdening yourself. If you have a central place for these items, you’ll be more willing to part with those never used items, rather than dealing with them at a later date.

5. Make a spot near the door for items that need to be returned. Whether it be a rented movie or a borrowed book, you’ll feel better when those items are back to their rightful owners (and out of your house).

What are some of your tips to keeping your household organized?


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